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Light Entertainment

I recently came across this ad for a freelance writing job: Psychic looking for ghost writer … I didn’t apply. I’m not so desperate to be hired that I’ll get myself dead for it … This one is (c) Ann … Continue reading

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Where do Ideas Come From?

Somebody once said to me (this was in terms of painting) that a successful passage of painting was just ‘accidental’, i.e. a lucky stroke of the brush. That struck me as wrong, but I couldn’t figure out why. Then it came to me. It’s not the accident itself, but what you DO with the accident. Continue reading

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Blogger’s Block (My 100th Blog): Ode on an Ekphrastic Artist’s Garden

I’ve been away from my blog for a bit and returned to learn Poetic Mapping has been included as one of 9 blogs deemed recommended reading by EKPHRASTIX ARTS: COMBINATORY ART IN MOTION who was nominated for the Reader Appreciation Award.  … Continue reading

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Walking into Words (Even More on Writing Dialogue) and Theme

I was thinking of my novel Flint & Feather as I was waking up this morning. Continue reading

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