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My First Eco Prints

This is one of the results of my first batch ever of eco prints. I did a number of bundles, as they are called, using leaves and flowers gathered from my own garden. I just used whatever fabrics and papers I had to hand, sandwiched the organic matter between two sheets of whatever, then rolled them up and bound them tightly. I then steamed them for an hour or so and set them aside for a week. Continue reading

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Living and Dyeing

“Walking was an essential component of our work. There was music. There were rich silences. Times of deep listening, experiential drawing and the gathering of “gorgeous nothings”…spontaneous poetry noted while wandering as well as performances of aleatory poetry created by reading together.”

Is this Heaven? This is Australian artist India Flint talking about the first of some masterclasses she held this year in Newburgh, a village on the banks of the River Tay (Scotland). It was a site-specific four-day intensive focussing on “… the deep experience of place through immersion in this very particular tidal riparian landscape.” She explains, … Continue reading

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Walking the Earth

I’ve just had a newsletter drop into my email box from an artist whose work I admire: Bridgette Guerzon Mills. There was a lovely image in the newsletter of Walking the Earth, an artist book that includes encaustic, plaster gauze, sticks, leaves, bark, thread and oil stick. Bridgette, who suffered terrible artistic losses earlier this year in a flood that damaged her studio, is about to teach at The Red Thread Retreat. Red Thread Retreat is the vision of artist Lesley Riley. Continue reading

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Walking Through Bedlam: to my new Garden Studio & Writing Retreat

A horrible horrible week. It felt like I was walking through Bedlam. But walk I did. I just kept on picking myself up, dusting myself off and returning to my creativity. I’ve been painting and organising the garden workshop and … Continue reading

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A Code of Cups

I find it fascinating, the inventive and often amusing devices my psyche or my angels/guides use to get a point across in a dream.  (I think there must be a team of angels assigned to look after me). On the eve … Continue reading

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The Holy Bowl

My bowl is empty. But it’s my bowl, you see, and I love it.  Raymond Carver We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the Beautiful Stuff out.  Ray … Continue reading

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Walking into Words (Even More on Writing Dialogue) and Theme

I was thinking of my novel Flint & Feather as I was waking up this morning. Continue reading

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The Old Straight Track

In my article on walkabouts I described how when Australian Aboriginals go ‘walkabout’ they follow paths known as ‘songlines’ or ‘dreaming lines’. It reminded me of Ley Lines. Ley Lines could be said to be the Western European equivalent of ‘songlines’, but only in that they are similarly believed to be connections between ‘sacred’ sites.

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Taking a Noun for a Walk: Walkabout

Following on from the ‘smash hit’ of my ‘Taking a Preposition for a Walk’ series (smile), I thought I’d take a few strolls around the World (Wide Web) while at the same time ‘Taking a Noun for a Walk’. Again, this is on the same lines as Paul Klee’s definition of drawing as ‘taking a line for a walk. The definition ties in neatly with this, my first ‘walk with a noun’ in the series – ‘Walkabout’ – as this also involves ‘lines’.

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From St Michele (Capri) to St Michael (Paris)

It’s exquisite isn’t it, the image. It’s part of an illustration, the original of which is an Indian (Asian) painting. It’s in a book I found in a ‘brocante’ near the house we used to own in northern France. We visited frequently, to browse the secondhand and antiquarian furniture and goods. The book is full of such delightful illustrations. This one pulls out to three times the width of the book, which is a French language version of a collection of short stories by Rudyard Kipling: ‘Monsieur l’Elephant’. It’s a ‘posh’ limited edition, marketed originally for children.

I wouldn’t have found this book had I not been at the time on a specific quest for books. I wasn’t looking for content however, just books with interesting covers. The idea was to recycle unwanted books into handbags by scooping out the insides (i.e. the texts), adding ‘sides’ of fabric and handles. Like many of my ‘good ideas’, it was doomed to failure of course.

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