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The Isle of Wight and its Walking Festival

In my recent post about Walking Festivals I’ve highlighted only a few of those which take place in the UK each year. Research into the topic resulted in a substantial list of UK walking festivals so I thought it might be useful and interesting to explore … Continue reading

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Walking Festivals

Are you planning a walking holiday? You could plan one around a ‘Walking Festival’.

This sort of walking holiday has various added bonuses. They present opportunities to meet ‘kindred spirits’ – others who like to walk; to learn more about the countryside; there are social events to entertain and talks to enjoy. Festivals are a good way to introduce children to walking, especially as festivals generally include family walks especially designed for children.

Even if you usually walk only as a family unit or by yourself (like me) it’s likely to be rewarding to occasionally share your walking experience and a festival might be a good idea if you are new to walking and uncertain about where to go.
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