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An Hiatus: Back Soon

Going walkabout.  See you soon.

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The Old Straight Track

In my article on walkabouts I described how when Australian Aboriginals go ‘walkabout’ they follow paths known as ‘songlines’ or ‘dreaming lines’. It reminded me of Ley Lines. Ley Lines could be said to be the Western European equivalent of ‘songlines’, but only in that they are similarly believed to be connections between ‘sacred’ sites.

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Taking a Noun for a Walk: Walkabout

Following on from the ‘smash hit’ of my ‘Taking a Preposition for a Walk’ series (smile), I thought I’d take a few strolls around the World (Wide Web) while at the same time ‘Taking a Noun for a Walk’. Again, this is on the same lines as Paul Klee’s definition of drawing as ‘taking a line for a walk. The definition ties in neatly with this, my first ‘walk with a noun’ in the series – ‘Walkabout’ – as this also involves ‘lines’.

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