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“Flowing on by,the leaves of rhubarb.What Swiftness!“ With apologies to Takahama Kyoshi, who actually wrote, in the above haiku, radishes not rhubarb. Another year has swiftly flowed on by. Almost. There’s been no time for ennui despite Covid-19 and the … Continue reading

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NaBloMo XXI: ecO mantra

ecO mantra Continue reading

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Reaping the Harvest

This is a (organically) home-grown 12 inch (30 cm) golden courgette. We scooped and stuffed it. (I’ll post the recipe soon). That did us two meals. The scoopings were added to an omelette and did us a further meal. That’s … Continue reading

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Walking Margate

I wrote recently about walking Whitstable. Yesterday we walked Margate. Like Whitstable, it was a first visit for me.

Margate has a bad reputation. From an aesthetic viewpoint, I understand. The seafront buildings are some of the ugliest I’ve seen. The beach is glorious.
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Below The Line: Imprinting and Incorporating

A little more progress on my personal art project: Below The Line, which is essentially about making the invisible, visible. Inspiration often comes from non-artistic sources and the image here is from one of the recyclable cardboard containers that my Riverford organic veggies arrive in each week, courtesty of Liz and Caroline (the organic sisters!) normally Liz. This one contained my order of Portobello mushrooms and as you see, the mushrooms’ natural die has stained/imprinted the cardboard. I’ve been recycling these lovely prints into seed boxes or composting them. I’ll keep them now as each time, the print is different. I’ll be eating a lot more Portobello mushrooms from now on. And exploring veggie staining. Continue reading

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Red Berry Fruit Cake

I know I keep writing about how I don’t like cooking, but sometimes, just sometimes, I might be found in the kitchen, tinkering. The results of my tinkerings are variable. The other day, for instance, I tried to make a savoury pancake for supper. I simmered the filling: onions, mushrooms, etc., in white wine. I then added what turned out to be far too much batter. I burnt its bottom in the frying pan. I burnt its top under the grill. The middle wouldn’t uncooked, so I put it in the microwave. For a very long time. Neither my husband nor I could chew a single bite! I reckon I’d have had more success chewing at the sole of my shoe. We cried laughing! And ate something with chips. Continue reading

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