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A Perambulation of the Corpus Striatum

An image is forming.

This is an eco print on cotton from a recent batch. The red lines are imprints of the red sari silk I used to tie up this little test bundle for steaming. It made me think veins and I saw how I could use this to develop my Below the Line project. Continue reading

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Eco Print on Paper (Accidental Resist Dye)

Sometimes in natural/eco dyeing, the plant matter used acts as a resist, in that it blocks the dye/dyes from imprinting the paper or other material. In this piece, the eucalyptus leaf I used, instead of acting as a dye, has inhibited dye (the white bit) from penetrating the paper. It’s called resist dyeing. There are whole ancient traditions of resist dyeing. Look up Ikat and Bandhani; and tie-dye. Continue reading

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Eco Print on Paper

Before bundling, I steeped it with other papers and fabrics for about a week in water already tinted from a previous batch of eco prints, then wrung it out. It’s a bit like silk I think and has absorbed nicely the dyes from the leaves and sari silk. I like the atmosphere of the image. I shall be able to do something with this print, I think, of floating circles underscored by that row of dancing crosses. Continue reading

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