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Inch of the Day 10 September 2015: Singing John Rutter’s ‘I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes Unto The Hills’

Learning this to rehearse tonight. This means reading the words, listening without singing, humming the tune, getting the rhythm, reading and marking up the sheet music, singing with the words, singing again, and again and again, and again, getting past the weeping bit (when the music is so beautiful (it nearly always is) and has infiltrated and lacerates the soul). Continue reading

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Inch of the Day 8 September 2015: Singing: Bob Chilcott’s ‘A Little Jazz Mass’

I’ve just started learning Bob Chilcott’s A Little Jazz Mass which I’ll be singing as a (new) member of Eltham Choral Society in October, unless they find out first that I can’t sing and I’m kicked out. I’m going to have to learn more than an inch at a time though – more like a mile at a time – as it’s being performed in a month’s time. I’ll just have to sing very fast. Continue reading

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