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NaBloPoMo XXII: Walking on the Edge of the World, Capturing Rainbows: (What I’ve Been Singing This Week)

Isn’t this a lovely lullaby? You can’t have a repertoire without a lullaby or 20 in it, can you?

Secret Garden is the duo of Irish violinist Fionnuala Sherry and Norwegian composer and pianist Rolf Lovland. They’ve won Eurovision twice (for Norway) and are the originators of the song You Raise Me Up which everybody on the planet has recorded (this is only a slight exaggeration). I sing it myself. (Why let the professionals have all the good tunes)?

I walk to my singing lessons. It’s a steep uphill climb all the way. My walk takes me past a cemetery, but on the other side of the road. Yesterday, icy rain was falling on the cemetery, but not on my side of the road, or me, where the sun had come out. I felt like I was walking on the edge of the world. Continue reading

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MMATC Group Rainbow Accordion Book: ORANGE

This is my Artist Trading Card for the Orange page of the Rainbow Accordion Book Project for MMATC (Mixed Media Artist Trading Cards) a Yahoo! group of artists based in the UK. The idea is that every month participating artists each make a card based on one colour of the rainbow and posts it to one of the other participants. Once we all have a card for each of the 7 colours of the rainbow, we each make up the cards we’ve received into an accordion book. I now have 2 beautiful cards, Red from Beth Powers and Orange from Alison Richards. You can see them in recent blogs – just search for MMATC. Continue reading

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