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Flint & Feather Slideshow

To know more about my recently resurrected novel-in-progress Flint & Feather, I’ve just made a new page and posted a slideshow of related images. You’ll see I made the slideshow in 2011. I’ve been trying to complete this work for a … Continue reading

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A New Beginning on my Novel: Flint & Feather

The Laurel Grove Mysteries (Book One)
Flint & Feather

“Sweet to tongue and sound to eye …”.

She was motionless outside Trocadéro metro station, looking up the steps towards the entrance to the musée de l’Homme. How had she landed up here? She should have been on the Left Bank, heading towards the gallery. She was weary to her bones.

… bone, wood, horn, feather, thread of gut …

Again, the peculiar sensation of being outside herself, her sosie – Laurel Two looking into Laurel One. This time Laurel Two was seeing, reflected back from the blackness of her twin’s pupil, a halo. On the halo’s inner rim was a web from which tiny random drops of light were suspended. Continue reading

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