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Mindfulness 2014: Smoking Prayer

I’ve just been presented with an opportunity to handle a stressful situation with greater mindfulness. This is a type of situation that I almost always deal with badly. I mean, on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d say my handling skill in this kind of situation is close to zero.

This time, instead of rushing in like the proverbial bull in the china shop, I decided to adopt a more mindful approach, opened my journaling program and started typing about it instead. Smoke was soon flying from my computer keys! Continue reading

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Mindfulness: About Guidance and some Nice Tiles

I promised in my last blog to write in this one about arrows and keys (an aspect of my Below the Line art project). Well, I’m clearly, by the title of this blog, going to write about something else!

Writing about guidance more than hints I believe there is a force at large which gives guidance. This is based on personal perception and experience. Continue reading

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Mindfulness 2014: Evening Pages Reveals …

I’ve written already about why my word for 2014 is Mindfulness and that one of the tools I’d be using for this would be to start journaling again on a daily basis, something I’d let drop in 2013, with, I believed, disastrous results. So I’ve been doing my Morning Pages (á la Julia Cameron’s creativity recovery course The Artist’s Way). Continue reading

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Mindfulness 2014: Decluttering and Relationships

If you’ve been reading my blog since the turn of the year you’ll know I’ve been busy with my goals plans and timetables for the upcoming year, that I want to consolidate a lot of work in progress, and in order to do that, realised I need to be more focused. Mindfulness, therefore, is my chosen word for 2014. Continue reading

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