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The Dust of Life

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” – Anne Frank
I’ve been busy over the past month with the book I’ve been writing and illustrating for Art House Co-op’s The Fiction Project 2011. The theme I chose for the project was I’m a Scavenger and I chose to use the theme to highlight the plight of child scavengers/street children around the world. Continue reading

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The Fiction Project

… out of the choice of themes for The Fiction Project, I chose: I am a scavenger and I’m developing the project so as to draw attention to the disgraceful reality of child scavengers, homeless slumdogs abandoned to the waste heaps and streets around the world. There are a staggering 2 million street children/scavengers in The Philippines alone. And I’m talking about kids as young as 3 years. Continue reading

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Taking a Preposition for a Walk I: ‘Walking to …’

Shocked, it inspired Fran to set about collecting 46,000 pieces of litter whilst walking on the beaches near her home. At each visit, she picked up all the litter she could carry and whilst walking raised nearly £1,000 for the Marine Conservation Society through sponsorship and sale of her unique seaside ‘souvenirs’. Continue reading

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