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Below the Line Project Study: Carrier of Light

“… the kind of art we shall need in the future is one that actualises the life of the soul…”  Cecil Collins. Here’s another small (7″x5″) mixed media encaustic board I’ve been working on as part of my Below the … Continue reading

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Art in Progress

I’ve started a suite of mixed media works on canvas, using my newly-renovated garden as subject matter and outdoor studio. Here’s a section of the first.

I’m using a technique I developed while doing work for Arthouse Co-op’s Sketchbook Projects. Continue reading

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Arthouse Co-op Sketchbook Project 2012 Hits LONDON

“Creativity is the glue that binds the world together.”  (Me, 2012) It’s been a case of pull out all the stops, batten down the hatches, blinker the horse (me), ignore post, emails and phones, do no housework, cook no meals … Continue reading

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Walking Festivals

Are you planning a walking holiday? You could plan one around a ‘Walking Festival’.

This sort of walking holiday has various added bonuses. They present opportunities to meet ‘kindred spirits’ – others who like to walk; to learn more about the countryside; there are social events to entertain and talks to enjoy. Festivals are a good way to introduce children to walking, especially as festivals generally include family walks especially designed for children.

Even if you usually walk only as a family unit or by yourself (like me) it’s likely to be rewarding to occasionally share your walking experience and a festival might be a good idea if you are new to walking and uncertain about where to go.
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Taking a Preposition for a Walk II: ‘Walking Towards’

‘Walking towards’ feels, as an action, to be walking with more force, purpose and goal than ‘walking to’. Here’s what I came up with when I did an Internet search using just the words, ‘walking towards’.

Walking towards the Games is a site about free guided walks (London’s ‘Strategic Walk Network)with the aim of making London one of the most walking friendly cities in Europe by 2012, when London will be hosting the 2012 Olympic Games. The walks “… connect some of London’s best attractions, parks, woodlands, rivers and open spaces”. Nine out of forty London walks are flagged as ‘Walking towards the Games’ when walkers will see how easy it will be to walk to the Olympic site.

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