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Small Works on a Quantum Journey: Wax and the Wedjat Eye

I was asked – well, that’s my interpretation of the incident – in revisiting my artistic past, my dead ends – to pay attention to focus. Is focus the same as theme? As nouns, yes. Focus is also a verb. To focus. An action word. It requires the action of thinking. Deliberate thinking. The sort of thinking that requires deliberate action, deliberate arranging – taking control of – the space and time in which to think. Continue reading

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Pavillon Chinois Artist Book: On Curating, Scrying, Hydromancy, The Cup of Jamshid and Quantum Mechanics (Even)

If you click on Gallery II you’ll see instantly that the images I’ve used in the accordion artist book I just made (well, it’s not quite finished) arise from the images I produced for Pagoda, which began as photos of … Continue reading

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‘Pagoda’ : Fine Art Digital Prints on Silk

If you’ve come to this blog through a link on my web site: http://www.annisikarts.com you’ll know that I’m selling a series of limited edition fine art digital prints on silk entitled Pagoda at the economical price of £50 each (plus p&p) and that 10% of the sale of each print will be donated to International Animal Rescue through my page on the charity site Just Giving. I’ve kicked off my fund-raising campaign with a donation of a fiver. (You’ve got to put your money where your mouth is)! Continue reading

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Hot off the Press: The Forest of L’Isle-Adam

If you like forests, check out my book. It’s ‘hot off the press’ :

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I love forests and woods. In part it is because they represent shelter and therefore ‘home’, perhaps the ideal home, with walls that not only breath, but in doing so, produce ‘breath’ for the humans who dwell in them. Dense canopies of leaves are ‘sighing’ ceilings, which open and close in tune with weather and season and from which food falls a-plenty for nourishment of man, beast and bird. The forest is where man and creature can peacefully co-habit. While man builds his shelter at ground level, the treetops are tenements to bird and squirrel.

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From A Forest Walk (Bleach Printing on Fabric)

 Don’t throw your old t-shirts away, or the leaves off your celery, walk in forests …   I’m making a series of mixed media,‘altered book’ works which I’m calling ‘Take a Leaf Out of My Book’. It’s a sub-theme within a … Continue reading

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