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A Dyeing Experiment Gone Right: Rhubarb Dyeing and Mordants

This image may not seem very exciting, but I proved something during this dyeing process.

A friend turned up the other day with a huge parcel of rhubarb leaves from her dad’s garden. She’d kept a promise to bring me some for dyeing purposes and had had them in her freezer for a couple of weeks. Continue reading

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Eco Prints on Rhubarb-Dyed Silk: Embossing, Imprinting, Staining, Washing

In my previous blog I showed the results of a batch of eco print bundles on paper and fabric that I’d dyed using rhubarb leaves.

The experiment included some silk samples. It was my first attempt at eco printing with silk. Continue reading

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Arthouse Coop Sketchbook Tour 2015 – Done, Polished, Posted

Some of the pages were polished – those to which I added beeswax or encaustic wax. The sketchbook was a progression of my artistic exploration Below the Line, a phrase from Deepak Chopra’s book Quantum Healing. I dismantled the sketchbook … Continue reading

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Two (Salvaged) Eco Prints on Khadi Paper

I had managed to ruin these two postcard-sized eco prints – which came out of a January batch of bundles – by adding too much encaustic wax. Drenched would be the appropriate verb to use.

They turned black and hard, like they had been smoked over an open fire. The leaf patterning was obliterated, except when held up to light.

Eco Print on Khadi Paper 15 February 2015I laid them aside, knowing I ought to dispose of them,but couldn’t.

I forgot about them. Then yesterday the idea came to me that I should … Continue reading

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A New Year: No Timetable

I’ve been somewhat quiet on the blog over Christmas and New Year. That doesn’t mean I’ve been doing nothing. On the contrary. I spent the Christmas period looking at art. I looked and looked. I must have looked at hundreds even thousands of images, of all media. This was mainly through Pinterest. I met some new people, made fine new artistic connections. It was awe-inspiring, all the creativity going on, and to be able to link up with creative folks everywhere. Continue reading

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How to make paper from your own dung

Why not recycle our own ‘dung’ into paper? There is no reason, outside of social mores and squeamishness. Continue reading

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