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Knitting with Ivy: Jesus Puja

Yes, this is ivy and I’ve been knitting with it. On bamboo needles. It was a sudden urge. Some of it I did in the middle of the night. Continue reading

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Another Quote to Encourage Creatives: Rumi

As my broken shoulder mends (and the rate is ‘amazing’ and ‘astonishing’ to my consultant and physio respectively) and I am able to do more and more with my left hand and arm. (I’m a leftie, so it’s quite important!) I’m bit by bit picking up my creative threads. Spiritually and mentally, there are some exciting developments brewing.

Nonetheless, I’ve been feeling down in the dumps about my creative hiatus. My hands fell this morning on a little book I have* of extracts from the love poems of Rumi, described on the cover as, “The great Sufi saint who embraced God through the path of love.” I opened it upon words which resonated strongly with my present state of spirit – and body. Continue reading

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A Weekly Honing : Tradition

I was recently contacted and asked if I’d like to write for a site called Hone Life.  I would write a short opinion, based on a single word which would be changed each Sunday, and accompany my article with a … Continue reading

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The Holy Bowl

My bowl is empty. But it’s my bowl, you see, and I love it.  Raymond Carver We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the Beautiful Stuff out.  Ray … Continue reading

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The Elfin Ladder: II

reasoning was that encounters with natural forms such as the above, can represent opportunities for self-growth, through the phenomenon Jung defined as ‘Archetype’.

With this in mind, I mounted the first rung of my Elfin Ladder with an exploration of the words elf and ladder. Definitions, including symbolic and mythological are widely available. How these relate specifically to me at this particular time, can be of little use or interest to anyone else. (We can only make our own journeys – take our own walks). For
example’s sake, I’ll reveal that at the time of my encounter with this tree, I was on the brink of a big change in my life. It was planned. Secreted within this change however, lurked another.
Continue reading

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Taking a Preposition for a Walk IV: ‘Walking into’ (Part I)

Immediately, I was sceptical as I don’t believe that happiness is achievable and that a major source of personal misery is the pursuit of happiness! I figure that humans are born into tragedy. Because we have achieved ‘consciousness’ more than any other creature on the planet (though looking at some of my ‘conscious’ brothers and sisters, I wonder) at some point we (unhappily) become conscious of our mortality.

Actually, my personal revelation that happiness is unachievable has made me quite happy!
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More Walks than Works : An Intro to ‘Poetic Mapping’:Walking into Art’

Part travelogue, part art …

If ‘Walking into Art’ sounds a bit like a collision, like ‘walking into a door’, well, a lot of artistic invention begins in accident.

If you believe in accident, that is. Continue reading

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