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May Eco Prints (The Gift of The Unexpected and The Gentle Spear)

In my blog Dyeing with Rhubarb Leaves, I wrote that I didn’t get what I expected. “Not at all.”

Not at all meaning I was disappointed … Continue reading

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Dyeing with Rhubarb Leaves

I may not have been around much since the eclipse of the moon, but in all the chaos I did manage to do some more experimental botanical dyeing. The rhubarb in my garden tried to flower recently, which would have … Continue reading

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Eco Print on Paper (Accidental Resist Dye)

Sometimes in natural/eco dyeing, the plant matter used acts as a resist, in that it blocks the dye/dyes from imprinting the paper or other material. In this piece, the eucalyptus leaf I used, instead of acting as a dye, has inhibited dye (the white bit) from penetrating the paper. It’s called resist dyeing. There are whole ancient traditions of resist dyeing. Look up Ikat and Bandhani; and tie-dye. Continue reading

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Eco Print on Paper

Before bundling, I steeped it with other papers and fabrics for about a week in water already tinted from a previous batch of eco prints, then wrung it out. It’s a bit like silk I think and has absorbed nicely the dyes from the leaves and sari silk. I like the atmosphere of the image. I shall be able to do something with this print, I think, of floating circles underscored by that row of dancing crosses. Continue reading

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And the New Year Commences with … an Eco Print on Coffee Filter

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A Walk along ‘Teabagging Trail’

India Flint mentioned teabags in her book Eco Colour: Botanical Dyes for Beautiful Textiles and it sent me off in pursuit of The Artist Teabag (like The Artist Book). And I came across a new (to me) kind of eco print using the humble and ubiquitious teabag. And that there are many artists working with the teabag. Do a search for the word teabag on Pinterest. You’ll see what I mean – for instance, this teabag artwork by artist Marsha Ryskin. Continue reading

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My First Eco Prints

This is one of the results of my first batch ever of eco prints. I did a number of bundles, as they are called, using leaves and flowers gathered from my own garden. I just used whatever fabrics and papers I had to hand, sandwiched the organic matter between two sheets of whatever, then rolled them up and bound them tightly. I then steamed them for an hour or so and set them aside for a week. Continue reading

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Living and Dyeing

“Walking was an essential component of our work. There was music. There were rich silences. Times of deep listening, experiential drawing and the gathering of “gorgeous nothings”…spontaneous poetry noted while wandering as well as performances of aleatory poetry created by reading together.”

Is this Heaven? This is Australian artist India Flint talking about the first of some masterclasses she held this year in Newburgh, a village on the banks of the River Tay (Scotland). It was a site-specific four-day intensive focussing on “… the deep experience of place through immersion in this very particular tidal riparian landscape.” She explains, … Continue reading

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