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How to Achieve Great Things: Walking the Fractal Way

I’m in bringing small things together mode. I have a lot of them. It’s time they were introduced to one another. Arrows and fans, hexagons and cells and circles and … In the hope I create something great, rather than … Continue reading

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A Winter Hexagon

One of my preoccupations these days – hexagons. This eco print hexagon made me think constellation.

I researched hexagonal constellation and came up with a Winter Hexagon of six stars, Capella, Aldebaran, Rigel, Sirius, Procyon and Pollux.

Capella is a star in the Auriga constellation. Aldebaran is a giant orange star in the constellation of Taurus. Rigel is in the Orion constellation. Sirius is a star system. Procyon is in the Canis Minor constellation. Pollux is in the Gemini constellation and is a giant orange star. Continue reading

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Chicken Wire and The Flower of Life

This is what’s called, in quilting circles, the flower arrangement – six hexagonal petals and a seventh for the centre.

I’ve made this flower from a piece of eco-printed fabric. It’s from the first batch of bundles I ever printed. Continue reading

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