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Tiny Sketchbook Project: Sent

I finished my tiny sketchbook the morning of the 14th February – St Valentine’s Day, though instead of a bunch of red roses I was gifted with a paint and varnish scraper. I drove into town to post my book … Continue reading

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Rorschach as Poetry: A Suite of Eco Prints on Watercolour Paper Postcards

Another experiment using in part a technique (creating mirror images) from Kathy Hays’ video eco print workshop. Instead of silk fabric, I’ve used a book of watercolour paper postcards whose blank faces have been awaiting activation for a couple of … Continue reading

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Food for Thought or Spirituality in the Mundane

For me, the least-scary prop in the first Ghostbusters movie was the fridge.  I have just such a fridge you see and it’s quite normal that on opening the door I come face to face with a gateway to another dimension. … Continue reading

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