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Wild Flowers: Forget-me-not

Wild Flowers: Forget-me-not: A shepherd was driving his flock over the Ilsenstein (mountain), when becoming weary, he leaned on his staff. The mountain instantly opened up to him, for his staff was made from the Springwort. Within, stood the mountain’s princess, the Princess Ilse, who invited the shepherd to fill his pockets with the hitherto hidden gold treasure. The shepherd was pleased to oblige the princess. Just as he was about to leave, his pockets stuffed, the princess called out: “Forget not the best!” She was alluding to his wonder-working staff, but the shepherd misconstrued her, thinking instead she referred to the best gold. He left his staff against the wall of rock and began gathering up more gold. At this, the mountain clashed together and cut him in two. Continue reading

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