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I love forests and woods. In part it is because they represent shelter and therefore ‘home’, perhaps the ideal home, with walls that not only breath, but in doing so, produce ‘breath’ for the humans who dwell in them. Dense canopies of leaves are ‘sighing’ ceilings, which open and close in tune with weather and season and from which food falls a-plenty for nourishment of man, beast and bird. The forest is where man and creature can peacefully co-habit. While man builds his shelter at ground level, the treetops are tenements to bird and squirrel.

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Stop the UK Government Selling Off Public Woodlands!

One of the UK Government’s ‘good ideas’ for saving money is to sell off public woodlands into the private sector. This has quite rightly caused an uproar amongst those who have fought for many years to protect not just woodlands, but all of the beauty that makes the British Isles such an attraction to peoples of all nations. Selling off public woodlands will endanger the englishness of England, the scottishness of Scotland, the welshness of Wales and the irishness of Ireland and let’s not forget the ‘islandness’ of all of the isles off the coast of Britain, each with their unique character.
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