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NaBloPoMo V: On NaBloPoMo

Art must be an expression of love or it is nothing. Marc Chagall (1887-1985)

I’ve been reading advice on how to do NaBloPoMo; that is, how to be able to blog on a daily basis for a month. Write short blog posts. Just post an image, just a quotation. Don’t bother to expand on them.

Well, how about not taking that advice? How about using the NaBloPoMo opportunity to do your best ever writing? To write something worthwhile? Some issues you feel deeply about? Some wrongs you’d like to see righted? Something so beautiful it makes somebody weep? Something so uplifting it pulls someone back from the edge of a cliff? Something that becomes a call to arms (metaphorically) for somebody? Something that heals somebody? If the pen is mightier than the sword, isn’t this an opportunity to prove it? Continue reading

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From St Michele (Capri) to St Michael (Paris)

It’s exquisite isn’t it, the image. It’s part of an illustration, the original of which is an Indian (Asian) painting. It’s in a book I found in a ‘brocante’ near the house we used to own in northern France. We visited frequently, to browse the secondhand and antiquarian furniture and goods. The book is full of such delightful illustrations. This one pulls out to three times the width of the book, which is a French language version of a collection of short stories by Rudyard Kipling: ‘Monsieur l’Elephant’. It’s a ‘posh’ limited edition, marketed originally for children.

I wouldn’t have found this book had I not been at the time on a specific quest for books. I wasn’t looking for content however, just books with interesting covers. The idea was to recycle unwanted books into handbags by scooping out the insides (i.e. the texts), adding ‘sides’ of fabric and handles. Like many of my ‘good ideas’, it was doomed to failure of course.

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