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Below the Line Project: Arrows Fields Grids and Forces

A pattern and texture is the outcome of an encounter between a force and a resistance (Ann Isik (me) 2014)

I’ve been a little quiet on the blog recently. I’ve been preoccupied with dreadful draining domestic drudgery. My creative cauldron has been crooning constantly in the background, however, awaiting my stirring spoon.

Arrows. (I’m struggling to set alliteration aside, as you see) – Arrows became a form in my Below the Line project, representing force. Especially what I’m going to call the ‘forceless force’, meaning the force that is the source of the forces of nature. The idea for the name came when I was looking at an exhibition catalogue authored by Australian art historian Michael Brand. The exhibition was called The Vision of Kings – Art and Experience in India. I wrote in a recent blog about how I came across this catalogue and how by sheer synchronicity I got to see many of the real art works illustrating the catalogue on a trip to Boston and Harvard. Continue reading

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Scoring skies, scoring ice, scoring wax

This You Tube video is of artist Ben Hecht creating encaustic artworks, sharing his methods and his philosophy. When he is scoring into his surface, he reminds me of the scoring made by ice skates on ice. I’ve blogged already about how, when I used to do ice dance, I was always excited if first on the rink and thus first to score marks into the pristine surface of the ice. Continue reading

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Mixed Media Encaustic Birthday Card

I posted the back of this card in a blog a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t want to post the front until after the birthday. Well, here are both sides. The receiver of the card came to dinner a … Continue reading

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Hey Ho: Another Mixed Media Encaustic Birthday Card

I made this card for my husband’s recent birthday. The support’s a 7″x5″ canvas board. Again, I’m experimenting with collage, modelling paste, shellac, encaustic and glitter and sandpaper and acrylic medium, and, and, and … There are several layers to this, each mauled to within an inch of its life with one instrument of torture or another. The image is the boat we’re doing up (a 1970s Albin Vega). The boat in reality looks a lot better than on this card as we’ve almost finished stripping the layers of antifouling paint from the hull. It’s not a job I want to do again in a tearing hurry and that’s a fact. Continue reading

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On My Worktable Today

I bought this little green man at my local art shop last Saturday. I’ve never had to buy a man before. Of any colour. It’s age creeping up on me, I suppose. Expensive. I wonder if I can hire any … Continue reading

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