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The journal-writing software that can tell you when you have a medical condition

I’ve spent most of my time this week fusing my two web sites into one. The logic being, why am I paying for two web sites that nobody ever visits, instead of just one? So I’m raising a glass (please join me!) to the launch of the all singing, all dancing, Ann Isik Arts!

To accord with my various interests and activities as artist, writer, walker, singer, vegetarian, animal lover, bla, bla …I’ve added some pages for reviews; of books, software, web sites and exhibitions and my debut review is one of a series I’m going to write, about Life Journal journalling software. I’ve been using this software for over 5 years now and on close to a daily basis. Continue reading

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On Writing Fiction: Walking Backwards to Walk Forwards

I’ve posted very little, if anything, about the fiction I write, particularly my major work in progress: my Laurel Grove Mysteries. Well, the fact is that it lurches. It’s like a long train journey. It’s over, all but. You’ve gathered your baggage together and you’re standing in the aisle waiting to get off and you can see the station platform. But the train isn’t moving. Any minute now, you think. 5 minutes go by, 10 even. And you’re still standing there. Then it’s off again. It’s sudden. Unexpected. You’re thrown forward. You recover your balance. Then it stops again, as abruptly as it started. Another minute or so goes by … Half an hour later and the train’s still inching into the station. By this time, you might even be hallucinating – is the motion – when it comes – forwards or backwards? Continue reading

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