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“Flowing on by,the leaves of rhubarb.What Swiftness!“ With apologies to Takahama Kyoshi, who actually wrote, in the above haiku, radishes not rhubarb. Another year has swiftly flowed on by. Almost. There’s been no time for ennui despite Covid-19 and the … Continue reading

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Reaping the Harvest

This is a (organically) home-grown 12 inch (30 cm) golden courgette. We scooped and stuffed it. (I’ll post the recipe soon). That did us two meals. The scoopings were added to an omelette and did us a further meal. That’s … Continue reading

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Red Berry Fruit Cake

I know I keep writing about how I don’t like cooking, but sometimes, just sometimes, I might be found in the kitchen, tinkering. The results of my tinkerings are variable. The other day, for instance, I tried to make a savoury pancake for supper. I simmered the filling: onions, mushrooms, etc., in white wine. I then added what turned out to be far too much batter. I burnt its bottom in the frying pan. I burnt its top under the grill. The middle wouldn’t uncooked, so I put it in the microwave. For a very long time. Neither my husband nor I could chew a single bite! I reckon I’d have had more success chewing at the sole of my shoe. We cried laughing! And ate something with chips. Continue reading

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Book Review: ’30 Minute Vegetarian’

I’ve recently had one of those bursts of cooking enthusiasm and tried out a recipe from a new recipe book. It’s one of the titles on the virtual shelves of my ‘Save The Planet’ Amazon aStore (not yet online). I bought it because it’s an opportunity to improve both cooking and writing skills – I could try out some recipes and then write a review of the book both for my website and for Amazon.

The book’s title and subtitle were the hooks that snagged me: 30 Minute Vegetarian and Tasty vegetarian meals in a flash. The claim on the back cover reeled me in. The recipes “ … can be prepared and cooked in 30 minutes or less”.
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