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Seasons Greetings

“Each of us is born with a box of matches inside us but we can’t strike them all by ourselves.” ― Laura Esquivel Thanks to all of you in 2022 who have helped me strike my matches. Ann

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A Christmas Carol

“I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.”  (Dickens) Whatever ‘Christmas‘ means to you, enjoy! See you in 2018 Ann    

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Seasons Greetings

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Joy to the World! Mormon Tabernacle Choir: Christmas Glow with Renee Fleming

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A New Year: No Timetable

I’ve been somewhat quiet on the blog over Christmas and New Year. That doesn’t mean I’ve been doing nothing. On the contrary. I spent the Christmas period looking at art. I looked and looked. I must have looked at hundreds even thousands of images, of all media. This was mainly through Pinterest. I met some new people, made fine new artistic connections. It was awe-inspiring, all the creativity going on, and to be able to link up with creative folks everywhere. Continue reading

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Greetings of the Season and Thank You

Friends, followers and followed …. Thank you for sharing your walks with me in 2014 and for accompanying me on mine. I look forward to our further adventures in 2015. Here’s to the poetry of maps. (Sound of glasses clinking.) … Continue reading

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A Weekly Honing : Tradition

I was recently contacted and asked if I’d like to write for a site called Hone Life.  I would write a short opinion, based on a single word which would be changed each Sunday, and accompany my article with a … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays One and All!

Seasons Greetings Frosted Ivy Berries (c) Ann Isik 2007

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NaBloPoMo II: Don’t Buy a Pet for Christmas

This is our cat, a couple of months after we adopted her from the French SPA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). She’d been found starving a couple of months after Christmas, in a car park, and handed over to the SPA. She weighed just 2lbs when found and was close to death.

Keeksies Manon 2009 3Had she become an unwanted Christmas present? Continue reading

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Christmas Baubles from The Books of The Dead

I thought I’d try out WordPress’s new Gallery feature and make Christmas baubles from one of my 2012 art projects.  The images are from my slideshow of the works I produced for The Books of The Dead II. A bit gloomy … Continue reading

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