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Conjuror’s Trick: Blueberry Eco Collograph: Acid v Alkaline

“Why there hasn’t been time for the bushes to grow. That’s always the way with the blueberries, though: There may not have been the ghost of a sign Of them anywhere under the shade of the pine, But get the … Continue reading

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Plaster Encaustic Accordion Book: Image VI

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Plaster of Paris and Encaustic Accordion Book

A page from my Plaster of Paris and encaustic accordion book.

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Inch of the Day 4 September 2015: Blueprints

The blueprint has long (about 30 years) been a preoccupation. Blueprints come about by (tight) physical contact and (light) sensitivity. Tight and Light. Force and energy. Consider this: blueprint as template. And prototype (primitive form). Big Bang Theory. Without wishing to alienate Creationists, (Creationism is as valid a theory of the origins of life as any other, in the face of proof to the otherwise) Big Bang Theory is about the explosion of (forces and energies) on matter. In this scenario, the matter exploded had to be created. Unless one adopts the idea of a kind of mobius strip universe, where everything has always existed, on a loop that has never had beginning or end. But then, who or what is behind the mobius strip? I’m open to dialogue in all this. Continue reading

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Inch of the Day 31 August 2015

Yes, I didn’t post yesterday. I didn’t get to do my inch of art. I did, as I do every day, look at other folks’ artworks. And I did some research on energy. But you can get trapped in research and not do any inches. I’ve decided that an inch of art cannot include research. I might post other people’s art from time to time. Continue reading

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An Inch a Day

I’m setting myself a challenge, because it seems every time I settle down to some artwork, writing, singing, something throws the proverbial spanner in the works. Over the past two weeks, the culprit has been Microsoft and its Windows 10 Upgrade. Continue reading

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The Sketchbook Project: Next Stop on its ‘Walk’: Oakville, Ontario

I received an email the other day from Arthouse Coop’s Sketchbook Project team telling me someone had viewed my sketchbook at The Loop, Chicago venue of the tour. There are over 33,000 sketchbooks on this year’s tour, so I wonder what the odds are on that happening? I know I’ve at least one mathematician follower, so if you read this, I hope you’ll figure it out for me. I don’t know who my viewer was, but I thank him or her. I hope you enjoyed it. If you read this and I think the odds are that you won’t, Anonymous, do step forward. Continue reading

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Forces and Energies at Work on my Worktable: (Subtitle: At Last – A Breakthrough)

4×4 Canvasses – EncausticisedThe image here is of six, out of a suite of twelve, 4″ square deep canvasses, to which I’ve added a top layer of plaster cloth (Mod Roc). I’ve then added layers of clear encaustic medium and to some, yellow ochre and indian red oil paints (wiped on then wiped off) white encaustic medium and soy bean wax, blending and fusing the layers as I’ve gone, with a hot gun. Continue reading

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Archeology and Hand Dyeing – Some Raspberry-Dyed Fabrics and Papers

Raspberry Dyed FabricsGrowing on our new allotment is a number of raspberry plants. They’re old and neglected, but still producing little fruits, though not particularly useful, food-wise.

Rather than wasting the harvest, I used it to dye some fabrics and papers. Continue reading

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Arthouse Coop Sketchbook Tour 2015: An Accidental Technique

With the deadline in 4 days to get this off to New York, I’m as usual, going to be working right up to the line. I must have a thing for dangerous edges. No wonder I fall off cliffs. Here’s a couple of pages that I put together just for the purpose of printing off and cutting up for inclusion into my little mystery. They aren’t meant to be interesting in themselves, but well … Continue reading

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