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Hey Ho: Another Mixed Media Encaustic Birthday Card

I made this card for my husband’s recent birthday. The support’s a 7″x5″ canvas board. Again, I’m experimenting with collage, modelling paste, shellac, encaustic and glitter and sandpaper and acrylic medium, and, and, and … There are several layers to this, each mauled to within an inch of its life with one instrument of torture or another. The image is the boat we’re doing up (a 1970s Albin Vega). The boat in reality looks a lot better than on this card as we’ve almost finished stripping the layers of antifouling paint from the hull. It’s not a job I want to do again in a tearing hurry and that’s a fact. Continue reading

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More artistic developments on photos of the distressed paint we’re stripping off the hull of our Albin Vega. These started as Photoshop manipulations of the photos. I then printed copies off – onto cheap 80 gsm inkjet paper – sprayed … Continue reading

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Hull Art

Despite the other night’s in-dream admonitions from my team of angel guides about stalling, I have not been totally idle on the art front.  Here are some works I made last weekend. I made them on the hull of our … Continue reading

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What I’ve Been Doing This Week

I’ve been on holiday this week. Well, for three days, then both my husband and I had to return to work.

No, I’ve not been on one of those action holidays! I’m in the process of removing the antifouling paint from the hull of the boat my husband and I are restoring. It’s a 1970s Albin Vega. The paint used in the 1970s was toxic, hence the overalls mask and goggles. Continue reading

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An Auspicious Accident: Part One

I had a fall. (I fell off the kitchen bench)! I don’t call it an accident because, as I keep saying, I don’t believe in accidents. Re-living the incident later, I had missed my footing. And because of a moment … Continue reading

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