Walking Covehithe

Walking Covehithe, the village that’s disappearing into the sea


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How Far Does The Hand Reach? Botanical Signatures Textile Art Exhibition, Norwich, England, July 18-20 2019

Invitation to exhibition.

Some of my work is figuring in Botanical Signatures 18-20 July at Studio20, in historic Norwich, England.

The exhibition has been put together by Maria Clarke-Wilson, who is completing an MA in Textile Design at Norwich University of the Arts and this exhibition brings together her textile art, designs and collaborations she has worked on over the last year. Presenting unique textiles created using naturally dyed and printed fabrics from leaves gathered from the plants growing near her home.

How Far Does The Hand Reach is a global collaboration hosted and curated by Maria on Facebook and which brings together a botanical printing community of 103 textile artists from 28 countries. A unique piece of collaborative textile art will be having its first public display in Norwich before it sets off on a world tour.

Alongside the collaboration you will be able to see a diverse selection of botanical prints sent to Maria from around the world. You can follow the story on Instagram  @textile collaborations.

Here’s a video of Maria at work at her studio and gallery Botanical Being :



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Little Maps of Trees is at The Other Art Fair London

The Tiny Sketchbook Project, which includes my tiny book of tiny eco prints Little Maps of Trees, has just been on show at the SLOW Galerie in Paris.

It’s now walked poetically to London, where it’s on show at The Other Art Fair, King’s Cross, from today July 4 through to and including Sunday July 7.

See my previous posts on Little Maps for more information about the work.

I’ve made a slideshow of Little Maps of TreesIt’s on my art web site:  www.annisikartworks.com

If you’re going to The Other Art Fair in London, do please check out my tiny work and let me know via my Poetic Mapping Facebook page.

It will be heading back to Brooklyn on Monday where you can check it out for viewing at the Brooklyn Art Library, New York, when it’s not out on tour in the Bookmobile.



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Eco Print on Cotton with Silk Appliqués

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Eight Years Blogging – Writing Chaos into order from the Forest of Souls: Part I

Wisdom is the complete willingness to be the plaything of chance circumstances”.

I’ve been blogging for over eight years. The anniversary has come and gone. That’s a long time and a lot of words. I’ve been taking stock: what I’ve been doing all this time is turning – writing – chaos into order.

This realisation tied-in neatly with my one New Year’s Resolution for 2019: to clean up my room. It’s one of the 12 Rules in Jordan B Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life. I was already into a physical de-chaosing of my new home when I first heard of Jordan Peterson, professor of psychology at Toronto University, clinical psychologist and, according to The Spectator: One of the most important thinkers to emerge on the world stage for many years. When I saw the subtitle to 12 Rules I nearly dropped my paintbrush (I was de-chaosing the kitchen ceiling).  An Antidote to Chaos, I read. I laughed out loud. 

I should be good at processing chaos. I’ve experienced a lot of chaos. I had an extremely chaotic childhood. By the age of 16 I’d moved schools and homes eight times. I even went to the same school twice. The first time I was taken away I was in a class one above my age group. Not the second time. I have a faint memory of a quarrel between the headmistress and my parents, the first time I was taken out of the school. The chaos didn’t stop in adulthood. I’ve had to do a lot of lock, stock and barreling.

And so there I was, painting the ceiling in the kitchen. And to compensate for the boredom, not to mention the neck pain, I was taking what substitutes for a spoonful of sugar – reading breaks – between brushstrokes. And that’s how I serendipitously came across the newspaper article headed: How dangerous is Jordan B Peterson, … “Who the hell is Jordan B Peterson?” I thought.

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My Entry for TAE19 (Twitter Art Exhibit 2019): Windfall

Just sent off my entry for TAE 19 (Twitter Art Exhibit 2019).

This year it’s being held in Edinburgh and to raise money for Art in Healthcare, Edinburgh, which is an organisation working closely with  healthcare providers in hospitals, GP surgeries, community care groups, hospices, healthcare centres and other bodies involved in the provision of healthcare. The charity runs carefully tailored art workshops throughout the year and has a large collection of contemporary artwork, displayed in healthcare premises across Scotland. Funds raised by TAE19 will enable the charity to extend its workshop programme, the aim of which is to bring the power of creativity to people in times of need.

My contribution to TAE19 is this postcard-sized (6″x4″/16x12cms) eco print on watercolour paper – Windfall –  I made last year and have been letting mature in a drawer; mature meaning put it aside for a while to ensure the permanence of the colours. I achieved the print using eucalyptus, bramble, St John’s Wort leaves and elm catkins. Appropriate to the health theme, all the plant matter has medicinal properties.

It will be on sale for £30 at the:

Out of the Blue Drill Hall
32-36 Dalmeny Street
Edinburgh EH6 8RG

Opening: Saturday 11 May 2019: 5:30pm – 8:30pm
Show runs:  May 11-13, 2019

After the show ends, sales will continue online.




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Brambly Personage and its Iron Blanket

This gallery contains 5 photos.

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Brambly Personage

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Mysterious Personage – Papier Mache Cast Finished

At last, the papier mache cast I started at the beginning of the month is done. The top layers are of batik paper.

Next?  You’ll have to wait and see.

So will I.

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Papier Mache Form in Progress

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