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Walking and Falling (Salt and Snow)

snow drop
lamb drop
In snow
salt circles
burns snow
Life flowers Continue reading

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NaBloPoMo XXIII: Friday Fictioneers 100-Word Flash Fiction Challenge: Hercules Disarmed

Hercules Disarmed

“Two blokes fighting and a statue?”

“Read the handouts before the lectures! Watch!” Hilda whispered.
Rich watched. One of the blokes bludgeoned the other.
The lights went up in the auditorium.
Professor Pound rounded on Rich. “Enlighten us, do, on the relationship between the film and Imagism.”
Sarcastic old git! Rich peered short-sightedly – wanting to impress Hilda, he’d left off his specs. “Matthew:18.9” Continue reading

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NaBloPoMo IX: War Haiku

War Haiku Continue reading

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Chinese Poem

“Li Fu-Jen

The sound of her silk skirt has stopped.
On the marble pavement dust grows.
Her empty room is cold and still.
Fallen leaves are piled against the doors.
Longing for that lovely lady
How can I bring my aching heart to rest?

The above poem was written by Wu-ti (187-57 b.c.) when his mistress, Li Fu-jen, died. Unable to bear his grief, he sent for wizards from all parts of China, hoping that they would be able to put him into communication with her spirit. At last one of them managed to project her shape on to a curtain. Continue reading

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