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Where are They Now?

I haven’t been talking much about my writing recently. I have been scribbling away however and most recently at the trilogy of short stories I’m putting together under the title Leaves. I’d thought the trilogy complete, then that the stories … Continue reading

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Encaustic Work in Progress (aided and abetted by Badger, Mole, Ratty, Toad and Mrs Ffleshe)

This is tiny.  Each of the two pages measures 4″x4″, the images within about 3″x3″. It is an altered book, artist’s book, encaustic on Plaster of Paris, eco print, collage. When it’s finished I will have added stitch and more … Continue reading

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Inch of the Day 22 September 2015: Hurdling Through Flint and Feather

Following on from yesterday’s Inch – about the editing of my novel manuscript, Flint and Feather, I began a revision of the scenes by calling them, instead of scenes, obstacles. In the sense of obstacles to be overcome. I didn’t just change the … Continue reading

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Inch of the Day Saturday 19 September 2015: Flint and Feather

Flint and Feather is my manuscript-in-edit first novel. A right old tangled mess, but which I’ve been able to start smoothing out for a few months. It’s more like an inch a month project at the moment. But then I just read something and it gave me an idea of how better, i.e. faster, to progress it. It won’t be an original idea, except for me.
Continue reading

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NaBloPoMo XX: Editing and Proofreading Revisited

I promised yesterday to reveal what the blooper was in the extract I posted from a book I’m reading on my Kindle/iPad. Here’s the text again:

He held out a hand. “I’m John Smith.”
“Jane Brown,” said Jane, …
“Are you on holiday?” asked Jane.
“Yes. I … excuse me.”
I didn’t get his name, thought Jane. He’s very attractive.

I don’t suppose I need to point it out, as it’s such a glaring mistake, but for the record – in the first line character A tells character B his name. In the last line, character B is telling us that she didn’t get his name!

Reading on, I soon came across another error in this book, a spelling error this time. Here’s the text:

“… What about [Teresa Trimmington]? She leant [Frederica] her diamond necklace and …” Continue reading

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NaBloPoMo XIX: On the Necessity of Editing and Proofreading Text

He held out a hand. “I’m John Smith.”
“Jane Brown,” said Jane, …
“Are you on holiday?” asked Jane.
“Yes. I … excuse me.”
I didn’t get his name, thought Jane. He’s very attractive.

Did you spot the glaring error in the above text? If you did, please leave a comment and tell me what it is. I’ll reveal it in tomorrow’s blog post. Tip: the verb ‘get’ doesn’t mean ‘understand’ in this context. Continue reading

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NaBloPoMo VII: Flint & Feather (The Laurel Grove Mysteries Book One)

Here’s another bit of a scene from the manuscript of my mystery & suspense novel-in-progress Flint & Feather. Yes, I know it needs a lot more work – it has not escaped my notice that the only action in this piece is that a) a pigeon has landed on a ledge and b) a man has turned up. How mysterious, how suspenseful! Most of this will have to be excised … ouch! Feedback is welcome.

“Pomegranates full and fine …”

She had to eat her lunch standing, using a wide stone ledge as a dining table. Beyond the ledge was an evil drop to public gardens that wound down to the road. Beyond the road was the Seine, swelled with giant Batons Mouches and smaller boats, all heavy in the water with their cargos of tourists. Beyond the Seine, the Eiffel Tower. Tourists ascended and descended indecently inside its lacy iron petticoat. She shuddered at the image. Continue reading

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The Laurel Grove Mysteries: Flint & Feather: Scene X Edit

Flint & Feather: Scene X

She tucked away her car under the dense canopy of the towering pine. It stood on the opposite side of the narrow lane that gave access to Padraic’s garden. Better again, it was also 50 metres or so from the garden gate. It normally provided discreet cover – but not tonight. What had Ginny called it? Worm Moon. The wormy moon is full waxing, Ginny had said. The poesy of her speech was so far out of character as to sound ridiculous. She’d had to bite her lip to keep from laughing. She could see some logic, for once, though. It was March. Worms would be working the soil, to stir it from its wintry sleep, awaken dormant seeds. Continue reading

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A New Beginning on my Novel: Flint & Feather

The Laurel Grove Mysteries (Book One)
Flint & Feather

“Sweet to tongue and sound to eye …”.

She was motionless outside Trocadéro metro station, looking up the steps towards the entrance to the musée de l’Homme. How had she landed up here? She should have been on the Left Bank, heading towards the gallery. She was weary to her bones.

… bone, wood, horn, feather, thread of gut …

Again, the peculiar sensation of being outside herself, her sosie – Laurel Two looking into Laurel One. This time Laurel Two was seeing, reflected back from the blackness of her twin’s pupil, a halo. On the halo’s inner rim was a web from which tiny random drops of light were suspended. Continue reading

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Light Entertainment

I recently came across this ad for a freelance writing job: Psychic looking for ghost writer … I didn’t apply. I’m not so desperate to be hired that I’ll get myself dead for it … This one is (c) Ann … Continue reading

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