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Black Bean Dye and Black Bean Soup

“Beans, you know, are beautifully shaped, like a new church, like modern architecture, like a planned city”  ― Janet Frame, Scented Gardens for the Blind My love affair with Titanium oxalate continues … In my search for blue, I’ve wanted … Continue reading

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Secret Studio

This was my secret studio during the period of The Great Transition, where I began to discover the eco collograph.  It’s the shed at our allotment. It has a veranda which we closed in with trellising, including the trellis door … Continue reading

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Squares Activated and the Importance of Boundaries

I took the photo on the left a few days ago. Had I taken it the day before, you’d not have been able to see the squares of veggies (the wooden frames) for the height of the grass surrounding them.  We … Continue reading

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One Square at a Time

There is a lot of weather going round at the moment, physically and metaphysically. Since I’m talking about squares, forgive the play on words, though the round in my first sentence ought really to be around. Poetic licence. There is a deal of … Continue reading

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Inch of the Day Monday 21 September 2015: Singing the Life Fantastic

I did an inch of thinking this morning and made an inch of headway on yesterday’s decision to do a backward synopsis of my novel–in–edit. I worked an inch of the allotment – under more than an inch of cold rain, … Continue reading

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Reaping the Harvest

This is a (organically) home-grown 12 inch (30 cm) golden courgette. We scooped and stuffed it. (I’ll post the recipe soon). That did us two meals. The scoopings were added to an omelette and did us a further meal. That’s … Continue reading

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Below The Line: Imprinting and Incorporating

A little more progress on my personal art project: Below The Line, which is essentially about making the invisible, visible. Inspiration often comes from non-artistic sources and the image here is from one of the recyclable cardboard containers that my Riverford organic veggies arrive in each week, courtesty of Liz and Caroline (the organic sisters!) normally Liz. This one contained my order of Portobello mushrooms and as you see, the mushrooms’ natural die has stained/imprinted the cardboard. I’ve been recycling these lovely prints into seed boxes or composting them. I’ll keep them now as each time, the print is different. I’ll be eating a lot more Portobello mushrooms from now on. And exploring veggie staining. Continue reading

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Walking into Words (Even More on Writing Dialogue) and Theme

I was thinking of my novel Flint & Feather as I was waking up this morning. Continue reading

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Wild Flowers: The Dandelion

Spring is a river in full flow here in England and while out walking I’ve also been visually documenting its presence. The commonest of our wild flowers is a delight to the eyes after the visual deprivation of a long cold grey winter. And our commonest wild flowers and plants are often taken for granted, so I decided to do a short series of blogs on a selection of them. Ann Isik, author of ‘L’Isle-Adam’:
Continue reading

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Wild Garlic

It’s been a difficult week, but a long walk resulted in the image on the left. It’s wild garlic blossom. Each of the white buds is about the same size as the head on a matchstick and the whole crowd of buds and flowers just opening is growing from a single delicate stem. It’s standing in a tiny liqueur glass and a thimbleful of water. The engineering in this exquisite blossom is breathtaking. Continue reading

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