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Eco Collography – A New Development – St John’s Wort

Looking like fossilised remains of some ancient creature, this is an eco collograph of St John’s Wort, including stems, leaves and luscious red berries. I made a couple of little chemical changes to the process to ‘see what would happen’. … Continue reading

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The Naked Hero and the Red Stones

I’ve been writing about stones in recent blogs. Stones I’ve found on my new allotment plot, that, while uniformly black (more or less) on the outside, those I found split in two, revealed a wonderful interior uniqueness, like these in the picture to the left. Continue reading

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Jeni’s Tulip Petal – An Easter Greetings Card

I had an Easter greetings card in the post today, from a long-time friend in Ireland. It was handmade especially for my husband and included this gorgeous dried petal from a tulip that blossomed in her garden last year. Continue reading

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Knitting with Ivy: Jesus Puja

Yes, this is ivy and I’ve been knitting with it. On bamboo needles. It was a sudden urge. Some of it I did in the middle of the night. Continue reading

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Below the Line Project: Arrows Fields Grids and Forces

A pattern and texture is the outcome of an encounter between a force and a resistance (Ann Isik (me) 2014)

I’ve been a little quiet on the blog recently. I’ve been preoccupied with dreadful draining domestic drudgery. My creative cauldron has been crooning constantly in the background, however, awaiting my stirring spoon.

Arrows. (I’m struggling to set alliteration aside, as you see) – Arrows became a form in my Below the Line project, representing force. Especially what I’m going to call the ‘forceless force’, meaning the force that is the source of the forces of nature. The idea for the name came when I was looking at an exhibition catalogue authored by Australian art historian Michael Brand. The exhibition was called The Vision of Kings – Art and Experience in India. I wrote in a recent blog about how I came across this catalogue and how by sheer synchronicity I got to see many of the real art works illustrating the catalogue on a trip to Boston and Harvard. Continue reading

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Hone Life Word of the Week: Play: The Eighth Bowl

“All the world’s a stage and men and women merely players upon it.”

The Hone Life word of the week is play, as in playfulness rather than stage play, but in letting this quote select me, I’m demonstrating playfulness in letting my right brain, intuition, serendipity, synchronicity, Higher Consciousness, whatever you want to call it, have dominion. I’m being playful in my contemplation of play. Continue reading

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NaBloPoMo XI: Armistice Day and The Compleat Trespasser

“But then why shouldn’t the British people have free access to the best bits of our own countryside? Many of our parents and grandparents fought for this country in the world wars. Some of my readers may well have served in more recent conflicts. Why is it deemed okay to be prepared to die for your country, but not be allowed to walk across it?” Continue reading

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Walking the Earth

I’ve just had a newsletter drop into my email box from an artist whose work I admire: Bridgette Guerzon Mills. There was a lovely image in the newsletter of Walking the Earth, an artist book that includes encaustic, plaster gauze, sticks, leaves, bark, thread and oil stick. Bridgette, who suffered terrible artistic losses earlier this year in a flood that damaged her studio, is about to teach at The Red Thread Retreat. Red Thread Retreat is the vision of artist Lesley Riley. Continue reading

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Playing the Cards You’re Dealt

During the recent repainting of my studio I found this incomplete art project and I’ve been pushing some of its elements around on the front cover of this erstwhile children’s board book. It’s become a maquette and I’ll be doing … Continue reading

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What I’ve been singing this week: Rusalka: Song To The Moon

Rusalki, in Slavic Mythology, are unquietly dead and generally inhabit watery places such as lakes and rivers, but come ashore during the night to cause trouble, especially to bachelors, singing them to their doom, just like selkies and mermaids.

The opera is by Czech composer Antonin Dvorak (1841-1904). Song To The Moon is from Act 1 and is the opera’s most popular aria.

So far, my rendition has not attracted any bachelors. I’ll keep at it. Continue reading

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