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Bloganuary 2023: Day 25: What is a song or poem that speaks to you and why?

Jaroussky: I don’t like to discuss my personal life. I feel in classical music, you don’t have to speak about that. I’m working so that my work speaks for itself, like the divine voice of Philippe Jaroussky.

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Bloganuary 28: Richard Strauss’ Four Last Songs

On my playlist right now are Richard Strauss’ Four Last Songs (Vier letzte Lieder). I should write still on my playlist as I was learning these last year as an online workshop to sing with The Choir of the Earth. … Continue reading

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Four Last Songs

“These mournful flowersRain-drenched in the coolness are bending,While Summer cowers, …”~‘September’Herman Hesse These Four Last Songs are Richard Strauss’s. The above quote is from what is generally listed as the second, September. The first is Frühling (Spring), the third Beim … Continue reading

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A Return to Painting

The above image marks a surprise return to painting after a good number of years during which I painted only sporadically and without much success. Life and all that. An email arrived earlier this year, out-of-the-blue, inviting me onto a … Continue reading

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Tannin and Tone and Chrome

I’ve just performed at the first virtual concert of the Self-Isolation Choir Summer School. It was a week learning and rehearsing – under the guidance of musical director Ben England – a selection of works from the repertoire of the … Continue reading

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Liminal Space, the Prepared Piano and Indeterminacy – a Quick Note to Myself and Anybody Reading

The subject of this blog was inspired in part by the Liminal States & Thresholds for Change series of artworks by Turtle Moon Impressions blogger Janis Doucette. Liminal space is that threshold space which is between one state of being and … Continue reading

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A Titanic Love Affair, Horse Chestnut Husk Dye and Mordanting with Moses the Chemist

My titanic love affair has little to do with those 12 sprogs/pre-Olympian gods of Uranus, less still the ill-fated ship of that name. I’m in love with the oxalate of a mineral element,  Titanium Oxalate (C4O8Ti) which is a new … Continue reading

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A Christmas Carol

“I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.”  (Dickens) Whatever ‘Christmas‘ means to you, enjoy! See you in 2018 Ann    

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Walking with Shalott by the Light of Tabor, Noor, Nirvana, Ner Tamid, Diwali: A Response to Terrorists

Drawing-in the Withdrawn – Drawing in Meta-Meaning Mode led me to – a different approach entirely.  It happens. Still, there is a connection, in that I am yet again drawn; drawn to let recent work inform me of my onward … Continue reading

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I am London – Requiem

Poem to the rhythm of Lloyd Webber’s Pie Jesu I am London – Requiem I am London I am Westminster there yesterday yesterday plans changed today I am alive I am alive I am alive I am alive I am … Continue reading

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