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A Return to Painting

The above image marks a surprise return to painting after a good number of years during which I painted only sporadically and without much success. Life and all that. An email arrived earlier this year, out-of-the-blue, inviting me onto a … Continue reading

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Living and Dyeing

“Walking was an essential component of our work. There was music. There were rich silences. Times of deep listening, experiential drawing and the gathering of “gorgeous nothings”…spontaneous poetry noted while wandering as well as performances of aleatory poetry created by reading together.”

Is this Heaven? This is Australian artist India Flint talking about the first of some masterclasses she held this year in Newburgh, a village on the banks of the River Tay (Scotland). It was a site-specific four-day intensive focussing on “… the deep experience of place through immersion in this very particular tidal riparian landscape.” She explains, … Continue reading

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Walking off a Cliff: Creating when Injured

I did. Well, I slid part way down the bottom bit and smashed my shoulder, a week ago today. Might need surgery. Fingers crossed. It was all very dramatic. Two ambulances. (Did they think I was in bits that would … Continue reading

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St Francis Gives Me An Image

The last time I wrote about art, I reported how I’d broken my printer trying to print on paper coffee filters. Before taking the mangled machine to printer hospital, I had one last go at healing it myself. And this … Continue reading

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NaBloPoMo XVII: The Virtue of the Virtual

I visit a lot of artists and galleries, every week. This is due to the Internet. This is one of the Internet’s greatest achievements, I think: that creative people all round the world can make virtual visits to, share, each other’s work and philosophies. Such interaction would be impossible, physically. Continue reading

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NaBloPoMo IV: Digging and Delving

“It’s on the strength of observation and reflection that one finds a way. So we must dig and delve unceasingly.” Claude Monet (1840-1926) Continue reading

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NaBloPoMo III: The Extraordinariness of the Ordinary

“Art is the demonstration that the ordinary is extraordinary.” Amadée Ozenfant (1886-1966) Continue reading

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Walking the Earth

I’ve just had a newsletter drop into my email box from an artist whose work I admire: Bridgette Guerzon Mills. There was a lovely image in the newsletter of Walking the Earth, an artist book that includes encaustic, plaster gauze, sticks, leaves, bark, thread and oil stick. Bridgette, who suffered terrible artistic losses earlier this year in a flood that damaged her studio, is about to teach at The Red Thread Retreat. Red Thread Retreat is the vision of artist Lesley Riley. Continue reading

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The Studio: Travelling Canvas Project

I joined The Studio: April Cole’s Facebook community of mixed media artists, earlier this year and decided to participate in the July group project, called Travelling Canvas. You send a canvas off and it travels round a small number of … Continue reading

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On My Worktable Today

I spent a couple of days making stencils to use on my Gelli Plate. I made them from photos and diagrams of DNA, chromosomes, DNA Barcoding, double helices, human karyotype, all to do with my latest art project:  Below The … Continue reading

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