Work in Progress: Painting Exercise Using a Limited Palette

All images arising at the moment result from an art programme I’m undertaking. Last week’s course module dealt with balancing colour values using a palette limited to black, white, dark cadmium red and yellow ochre. This is my second year with the programme and I didn’t get anywhere with this exercise last year. Attempting it this year has been much easier, despite that I have less time to spend on the programme as I’m at the same time doing another course, unrelated to art. Well, not entirely.

The above exercise amounted to a couple of hours work and I feel that I’ve achieved, in that time, good colour balance. I really enjoyed it, too. I love this particular limited palette, and plan to work entirely from now-on with limited palettes.

So, I’m making progress with my return to painting. I have not abandoned textile, natural dyeing and eco-printing work. But I need a 48-hour day and an extra (preferably more youthful) body.

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