Bloganuary21: Time Travelling to 9/11

The idea of Bloganuary is to post a blog every day, in response to a prompt. Today, the prompt is asking me: if I could travel through time, which year would I choose to travel to and why.

My immediate response to the question was: What do you mean, if I COULD travel through time?

Bloganuary is a WordPress blogging initiative. I’ve missed most of Bloganuary because WordPress didn’t invite me to take part until today, 21 January. Oh, well. Time travelling gone wrong.

H G Wells’ novella The Time Machine was first published in 1895. The Time Traveller, though he travels to various destinations far into the future and back again, spending some time at each destination – especially the first – is yet not presented as being any older on his returns than on his departures. And the time he spent in future times, is far longer than perceived, after his return. This is explained in Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity – E=MC². Einstein’s Theory however was published in 1905; The Time Machine, was published in 1895, some 10 years earlier.

The prompt, arriving today, coincided with a subject I’d been pondering, earlier today. It was about the different kinds of dreams we have. And I found it difficult to arrive at any way of organising them into classes. A big reason for this is that the word dream isn’t specific enough. What exactly is a dream? One dictionary definition is: a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep. Which gives rise to the question: what is sleep? Definitions generally agree that sleep is a state of mind and body, is a time of altered consciousness during which muscular activity is reduced and there is little to no interaction with the physical environment. Which gives rise to he question: what is consciousness?

There are kinds of dreams that suggest travelling through time as a possible explanation for their contents. Three of these types of dreams come to mind. All three I have experienced.

Lucid Dreams are dreams during which we become aware we are dreaming. From my experience, a number of scenarios follow: I continue to dream knowing I’m dreaming; I do that and sometimes also have the ability to control the further narrative of the dream; I awaken once I’m aware I’m dreaming, whereupon the dream continues in the form of a movie (film) strip in front of my closed eyes; the latter happens and I also have the ability to manipulate the narrative of the dream – this happens when I’m not happy with the nature and content of the dream: I want to change it, so I do. My lucid dreams have always taken place in a ‘scape of some kind and I’d conjecture therefore that this kind of dream may occasion time travel.

Distant Or Remote Viewing dreams are those during which we are able to acquire spatially and temporally remote information. From my own experience, two occasions come to mind where, in dreams, I accessed specific information that in one case, I discovered to be accurate afterwards and in a second, made specific research that verified the information presented in the dream. I’d suggest that this kind of dream may involve time travel.

Perhaps the most spectacular kind of dream is the pre-cognitive dream, in which events yet to come are revealed to the dreamer. My most profound experience of pre-cognitivity came about not while asleep at night and dreaming, but as an artist, during the day, making art. I have two drawings describing – the first of which I made the week before and the second, only a day before – a major catastrophic event. I have subsequently discovered that artists around the world had the exact same experience in respect of that event. Think: Close Encounters of the Third Kind: the Richard Dreyfuss character! It is my experience, as an artist, that such kind of pre-cognition arrives because artists routinely enter into altered (dream) states of consciousness, some of which may be described as time travel, during the creative process.

Are there ways one can learn of an event yet to come that doesn’t require travelling through space-time? Well, one could be informed of an event yet to come by others who travel through space-time, who want you to know about it. Define others how you will.

And so, my answer to the question of which year would I choose to travel to were I able to travel through time, might be: to whichever year in space and time I am directed. I would certainly choose to travel to space-times in America, to 9/11/2001, to try and prevent the events that happened, at those particular spaces and in that particular time.



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