More Home-Made Brushes

Though comical to look at, I do like the double-ended home-made brush with shuttlecock at one end and paper bag handles at the other. I had this plastic tube in my stash of stuff waiting to become useful. I decided to use it as a handle for a brush using some of my collection of paper bag handles as bristles.

Paper bag handles are made by twisting paper around a wire. This makes for a stronger handle. And the handle can be twisted and bent. And the handle, as the wire is fine, is easy to snip. I decided not to snip the handles, but to leave them as loops.

I’ve had a set of plastic badminton shuttlecocks for years. I can’t remember how I came to possess these, though in times gone by I was a keen badminton player. And I discovered that a shuttlecock base fitted exactly into the other end of the plastic tube. I got two brushes in one.

I like the delicate circles of dots made by the frilly skirt of the shuttlecock.

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1 Response to More Home-Made Brushes

  1. Suzanne says:

    This is a good brush. I like the marks it makes. I’ve made two so far but haven’t tried them out. I like how they look and don’t want to mess them up with ink. I’ll make some more soon and stop being so precious about it. Thanks for showing the fun aspect of home made brush making. 🙂

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