Rhubarb Cake 2021

“Flowing on by,
the leaves of rhubarb.

What Swiftness!

With apologies to Takahama Kyoshi, who actually wrote, in the above haiku, radishes not rhubarb.

Another year has swiftly flowed on by. Almost. There’s been no time for ennui despite Covid-19 and the poor weather that destroyed my entire potato and some of my tomato crops. And it looks like I’m going to have to find a recipe for green tomato chutney.

It seems like yesterday the rhubarb was only just pushing through the ground.

And now I’m making rhubarb cake. It’s vegetarian, of course.

Half has been eaten, half frozen. We are stocking-up in this way. Supermarket shelves stand half-empty, because of a shortage of lorry drivers. And other reasons.

The half of the rhubarb cake we ate was delicious. It flowed down the Alimentary Canal – all nine metres of it – very swiftly.

The colours are nice, aren’t they?

The recipe is courtesy BBC Food.

If you make one, let me know.

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