Eco Printing to the Accompaniment of Quanta Qualia

Made this print today while listening to composer Patrick Hawes‘ sublime Quanta Qualia, which I’m rehearsing for The Isolation Choir’s virtual Summer School.

I’ve made this little sample print as part of an online course on eco printing run and taught by Kathy Hays. I’m doing three of her courses simultaneously. Kathy has not only an immense and deep knowledge of printing with plants, but also the ability to teach clearly this complicated art form, a combination of skills not always met with.

The print’s not perfect, and doesn’t do Kathy’s teaching justice (I’m such a bungler) but it’s a step in the right direction. It’s not easy balancing The Elements, which is what eco printing is all about, essentially. I’m not a god, after all.

Here’s Hayley Westernra’s lovely interpretation of Quanta Qualia.

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