Tannin and Tone and Chrome

I’ve just performed at the first virtual concert of the Self-Isolation Choir Summer School. It was a week learning and rehearsing – under the guidance of musical director Ben England – a selection of works from the repertoire of the great John Rutter and included the beautiful A Clare Benediction.

The next week of the summer school will include Patrick Hawes’ and Andrew Hawes’ (lyrics) sublime Quanta Qualia. And Patrick will be directing it personally. I’m a huge fan of Patrick Hawes and had the privilege of singing, a few years back, the UK premiere of his magnificent Te Deum.

It’s been a bit hectic as I’d thought the Summer School was in August and then discovered it was in June and I’m also doing three other hands-on courses, so juggling the art and the music has been difficult, but I like this very close proximity – and blending – of the two disciplines and they speak to each other.

It’s trite to say that music and art are interconnected – the terms Colour and Tone, for instance, are referenced in both visual art and musical contexts – but I’ll say it anyway.

Neither do I have to mention Kandinsky – the first artist to create artworks (often calling them Improvisation or Composition ) directly influenced by music – but I will.

Not trite is this Kandinsky app that enables you to draw shapes and colours which then can be played back as music. It’s been developed by Chrome Music Lab – an innovative web site for learning music through hands-on experiments. The app should have an  extremely addictive warning. The entire site. Whatever you do, don’t visit the Songmaker page.





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6 Responses to Tannin and Tone and Chrome

  1. That print is amazing! Will listen to the music on a different device, that actually loads Youtube! I’ve been exploring Hildegard von Bingen’s music – and art. The music is enough to meditate by. Nice to see you hear. But that said: be as erratic about posting as you like.


    • AnnIsikArts says:

      Well thank you about the print. Hildegard: a feather on the breath of God: such an exquisite image. And being a feather is something to aspire to. I collect feathers. Or they collect me. I have her ‘Voice of the Blood’.


      • Haven’t heard that one yet! Will look it up for sure. The choir singing you took part in was exquisite too Ann.


      • AnnIsikArts says:

        I have the book: Mystical Visions. Some CDs including Voice of The Blood, Canticles of Ecstasy. I must revisit Hildegard. Thanks for bringing her back to my attention. I’m enjoying singing ‘in isolation’. The tech’s a bit challenging at first but it’s good to be back grappling with ‘serious’ music.


      • Blessings Ann. Be well and safe please!


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