Oak Leaves, a Storm, the Pond

The pool
Glows at her feet, and all the gloomy rocks
Are brightened round her. 
(Wordsworth, The Excursion)

A little experiment with oak leaves on cotton fabric. The leaves arrived on the high wind, blown over the hedge, a little branch, to fall near the pond, on which I’m working, my pond project. 

I hope you are all working on your projects, weathering the storm.


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4 Responses to Oak Leaves, a Storm, the Pond

  1. I have finished two poems this week and am getting ready to work on the stories.

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    • AnnIsikArts says:

      Yes, you are weathering the storm. I really like ‘Fear 15’. Thank you for reminding me that we have that particular capability – and ha! all the muscle we need is the capacity to listen. Stay safe.

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      • That is so true. I have been doing a lot more listening to the interior world since the shut in began. I feel like I have discovered a new me!

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      • AnnIsikArts says:

        I’ve been spending most of my time for about a year, de-chaosing my life. I think it’s profoundly important that we organise our physical lives so that we can actually LIVE them. There’s no space for silence in chaos. It’s not for nothing, I think, that evil personified is known as, among all its other names, the Bringer of Chaos. I am almost at the end of the job and it is positively changing the shape of my daily life. The temptation to ‘give up’ wasn’t insignificant. Take care. Thanks for commenting.

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