Chaos and Onion Skins

The chaos is subsiding. I opened the last packing box a couple of weeks back.

Then found more. But a few and there  are places for everything now.

A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place. (Benjamin Franklin?)

Distribution. It is almost accomplished. Objects unpacked. And placed.

There is the deeper de-chaosing; and culling. Hand-in-hand with the physical, the  metaphysical. It is beginning. Little flows and synchronicities.

I thought it would take a month out of 2020 to complete the de-chaosing. January. It has taken four, and crashed into Spring and its own special and necessary chaos.

April is the cruelest month. T S Eliot meant something else, but there’s cruelty in the culling that has to be done in April, the making way for new  growth, new life, in the natural world.

And it crashed into a global pandemic.

Strange times. Hope you all are coping well.

So, I’ve been accumulating onions skins for about a year. I’d read they were easy to dye with. We’ve all, at Easter, stained patterns on eggs by wrapping them with onion skins and boiling them, haven’t we? I used red onion skins in these prints. I soaked a handful from my stash in water, adding a dash of iron sulphate (FeSo4 to all you chemistry geeks). The iron was on impulse and isn’t necessary.

The skins were meant to soak in that solution overnight. It was three weeks before I got back to them. How would they print? Would they print? I made a sandwich of the skins between silk and cotton. The silk was from the Silk Market (Koza Han) in Bursa, Turkey; the cotton was heavy-duty, an offcut from some white curtains.

The top image is of the silk; the bottom, the cotton. They are quite different prints. I have it on good authority that the blue splash on the cotton print is likely to be from the iron I added.

I’ll be doing more experiments with onion skins.

Stay safe.



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