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Oak Leaves, a Storm, the Pond

The pool Glows at her feet, and all the gloomy rocks Are brightened round her.  (Wordsworth, The Excursion) A little experiment with oak leaves on cotton fabric. The leaves arrived on the high wind, blown over the hedge, a little … Continue reading

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The Spirit Lizard and Covid- 19

Originally posted on Mapping uncertainty:
About six years ago I rented an old stone cottage in a country town. Shortly after I moved in I swept the cobwebs off the verandah. In a dusty corner I found the carcass of…

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Testing Water for Iron Content

“Give me silence, water, hope Give me struggle, iron, volcanoes.”  – Ode to Silence: Pablo Neruda   Samples of water from four different sources tested for iron content. From left to right: tap water, water from a garden water butt, … Continue reading

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Chaos and Onion Skins

The chaos is subsiding. I opened the last packing box a couple of weeks back. Then found more. But a few and there  are places for everything now. A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place. (Benjamin Franklin?) Distribution. … Continue reading

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