Still Taking the Anti-Dote (to the Poison of Chaos) And an Art Note

When all is done and dusted (pardon the pun) I’ll blog about what Jordan Peterson’s Clean up Your Room edict has revealed and changed. (Clean up Your Room comes from Dr Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life: An Anti-Dote to Chaos). I believe I am in the home stretch.

Meanwhile, though I have not been making any form of art since my last blog post, but concentrating on the de-chaosing, I have been thinking constantly, and making notes, and dreaming, and … Artists don’t have an ‘off’ switch – and that’s one thing revealed to me during this clean-up process – which is good as in deciding to abandon art-making in order to finish the clean-up, I expected to die. Not be creative? I’m dead!

I didn’t die, not essentially abandon my creativity. I’ve sketched or written down the ideas as they came. Recently I had this come to me in the wee small hours and I’m writing it down so I don’t forget it. It is this: I am to consider the poetic maps – all the blogs about the mental walks I do – their roads off into other subject matter, related or seemingly, at the time, not, … I am to consider them in terms of music. In terms of melody, harmony, disharmony, counterpoint. And to translate this music into inter-related (or not) forms and spaces.

Notation is to sound as sound is to form; and
Notation is to sound absence as sound absence is to non-form

If the above doesn’t make any sense to you, it doesn’t yet make much sense to me. I do feel it is how nature works anyway but I don’t yet know why I think that.

Any thoughts? Suggestions? References?

I’m reading one of John Cage’s books: A Year from Monday: Lectures and Writings. The book completes the corpus of his collected writings. I’m reading the collection backwards in time. Don’t ask me why.



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7 Responses to Still Taking the Anti-Dote (to the Poison of Chaos) And an Art Note

  1. Still chuckling – the prepared piano!!! And still in chaos after starting to clean up my spaces a year or so ago!


  2. Hi! Love the artwork. First time you posted it I’m sure. The rhythm of the repetition works well. I’ve done a bit of cleaning up as well. Not much but at least I can find my mugs and cutlery (don’t ask).

    ”Notation is to sound as sound is to form; and
    Notation is to sound absence as sound absence is to non-form”

    – I’m intrigued that you use the term ‘sound absence’ and not silence. Does this second line then not refer to the negative spaces in an artwork, or the pockets of silence one finds even within a bussling city at peak hour? I remember once sitting at a pavement cafe in what must be one of the busiest places in the city at peak hour, the bus terminal from where one can go anywhere in the city. Even at 5.15 pm I was astonished to hear small spaces of silence amongst the usual seeming chaotic cacophony.


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