Little Maps of Trees is at The Other Art Fair London

The Tiny Sketchbook Project, which includes my tiny book of tiny eco prints Little Maps of Trees, has just been on show at the SLOW Galerie in Paris.

It’s now walked poetically to London, where it’s on show at The Other Art Fair, King’s Cross, from today July 4 through to and including Sunday July 7.

See my previous posts on Little Maps for more information about the work.

I’ve made a slideshow of Little Maps of TreesIt’s on my art web site:

If you’re going to The Other Art Fair in London, do please check out my tiny work and let me know via my Poetic Mapping Facebook page.

It will be heading back to Brooklyn on Monday where you can check it out for viewing at the Brooklyn Art Library, New York, when it’s not out on tour in the Bookmobile.



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5 Responses to Little Maps of Trees is at The Other Art Fair London

  1. Hi Ann. It’s a lovely project! I remember your posts about the process. To send a little book out there to join others on such a journey is quite the feeling.

    I love your new profile photo. You look fantastic!


    • AnnIsikArts says:

      Thanks as ever for the support and it is undeserved. I am going to be blogging again very shortly. I learned very recently that I might have relatives in your neck of the woods by the way! I liked your poem on ‘silence’ but have not had time to do it justice in a response.


      • Can’t remember what I wrote about ‘silence’. Have quite a bit to say about it actually!! 🙂 Do let me know about your relatives here. I’ll let you know all about them in case you’d like to know. Just kidding.


      • AnnIsikArts says:

        ‘Silence’: it was about how ‘they’ can’t stand it. I’ll have to ask my uncle again about those relatives.


      • I remember now. It’s the latest one about the topic, called God. It’s quite funny actually.


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