The Tiny Sketchbook Project – Some of the Eco Prints

A couple of shots of the tiny eco prints I’ve been making for The Tiny Sketchbook Project that’s touring Brooklyn/London/Paris later in the year. These are botanical prints from leaves gathered in my garden last autumn. The group picture is of some of the prints wet, right out of the pressure cooker, so they’re darker than when dry.

They’ve dried paler, of course. Here’s a finished one. Or rather, two. In fact, four: there are two more prints on the reverse side of this page. Yes, the book’s that tiny – about half the height of a teaspoon.

If you’re participating, get in touch. I’ll be going to the London venue to see some of the other sketchbooks in real life; and will check yours out.


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6 Responses to The Tiny Sketchbook Project – Some of the Eco Prints

  1. Love them! You’ll show the finished product?


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