Working Like Snow

“Like Snow
Suppose we did our work
like the snow, quietly, quietly,
leaving nothing out.”

~Wendell Berry

Still not finding enough contemplative time to devote to art-making, a year on after the great transition (house move).

I have a long blog in progress, into whose story is woven this drawing.

I won’t leave anything out.

Don’t you leave anything out.

Because of the delusion of time.

Which is a tool of the enslaver of creativity.


About AnnIsikArts

Artist/Writer/Chess Enthusiast/Musician (Singer)/Gardener
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4 Responses to Working Like Snow

  1. Bumba says:

    Often we think there’s not enough time so we don’t begin a project, but if we just get to work…


    • AnnIsikArts says:

      I agree, dear B, but right now I simply have to prioritise other things so I can function in the new home (art/writing). It’s about beating the weather. And we have been SO lucky with that here in the UK this year. It’s October 8th and I’m in a t-shirt. It’s also one of the saddest days in my calendar – when my darling kid brother died on his motorbike – so it’s nicer to be sad in sunshine. Thanks for reading. I’m writing a blog as I ‘speak’ so I am ‘working’. 🙂

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