Statue of Suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst STAYS!

“Every principle of liberty enunciated in any civilized country on earth, with very few exceptions, was intended entirely for men, and when women tried to force the putting into practice of these principles, for women, then they discovered they had come into a very, very unpleasant situation indeed.” Emmeline Pankhurst – Brainy Quotes

The statue of suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst is going to stay in Parliament. The planning application to move Pankhurst from her historic home was withdrawn just days after a huge petition to Westminster Council signed by over 180,000 was handed over. The former MP behind the idea to remove the statue to a private college said the opposition was so huge, it would be impossible for the plans to go ahead. This important part of British history will stay put and be seen by the millions who visit Parliament each year.

38 Degrees-ers are a powerful bunch. Millions of us pool our power to make the UK a better place, deciding together what’s important, and taking action to win victories like this one.  Read all about it:

The Guardian: Proposal to move Emmeline Pankhurst statue withdrawn:
The Telegraph: Emmeline Pankhurst statue will remain near Parliament after plan to move it is abandoned:
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38 Degrees petition: Stop Suffragette statue being removed from Parliament:

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  1. Excellent!! Well done!


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