London Women’s March Friday 13 July 2018

During my recent blogging sabbatical I took part in the London Women’s March on Friday 13 July 2018. It was to be a celebration of diversity. We were to be colourfully dressed and bring stuff with which to make a lot of noise. Many brought pots and pans and something to hit them with. I brought my soprano voice.

It was demonstrably clear that there were others besides myself marching not just in protest at Donald Trump’s visit to the UK, but also in protest at Melania Trump’s, because of the visit she made to McAllen, Texas – the heart of the caged children crisis on the US’ southern border – wearing a jacket on the back of which was written: “I really don’t care, do U?”

During my walk – I carried one of the orange balloons – I marched a while next to a woman with a young girl; the little girl was carrying a placard that read: “I really care, don’t you?”

I hope when the Trumps had tea with The Queen that the sugar in the sugar bowl was switched for salt.

Would they have noticed?

I really don’t care, do you?







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4 Responses to London Women’s March Friday 13 July 2018

    • AnnIsikArts says:

      I assume you mean the jacket! I really did do the march. 🙂 Newspaper reports in her defence were along the lines that the jacket ‘didn’t mean anything’: it was ‘just a jacket’ and that people should concentrate on the wonderful things she was doing for children, not her ‘wardrobe’. If I were to comment on her wardrobe, I’d go for the shoes. You can do very little for anybody in the 7″ stilettos she habitually wears, except stand still and be ornamental and are parallels – to me – of the feet binding that Chinese children were subjected to in order to make them ‘beautiful’ enough to marry. Self-inflicted torture, in this case.


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