I’ll be Back

Oak Flowers

I’m having to have a break from blogging. My longest since I started blogging in 2013. My  first blogging holiday in five years.

Meanwhile, it’s catkin season.

I’ll be back.

Hope you’re all having a good 2018.

See you soon.







About AnnIsikArts

Artist/Writer/Chess Enthusiast/Musician (Singer)/Gardener
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9 Responses to I’ll be Back

  1. Great blog but breaks are critical for renewal! Enjoy some down time!


    • AnnIsikArts says:

      How kind! And thanks. And I see you are also ‘in transition’. And I’ve just seen your Richard Rohr quote. Apt for us both and also rather beautiful. 🙂


  2. So she posts oak flowers! 🙂 Thought of you and decided you were busy so didn’t interfere. Looks like all’s well with you.


  3. Suzanne says:

    Enjoy your break. We all need blogging breaks from time to time. It can get exhausting. 🙂


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